We empower some of the world’s leading travel brands to stay competitive in the rapidly moving travel industry. We take risks so our clients don’t have to by innovating and creating technology that allows our customers to ‘flip a switch’ and lean back on products that just work.


Founded in 2007, we are a travel technology provider that pushes the limits of technology to help travel businesses minimize waste and maximize performance. At the core of our values lies the drive for infinite learning. We believe there is always something more to learn and improve, and this is reflected in our solutions.

With our cloud-based products and our travel software solutions, IDS helps distributors and suppliers increase their revenue and boost efficiency through automated mapping technology, API connectivity, and profit optimization tools. With the founding of our flagship product Internet Distribution Systems twelve years ago, and our subsequent innovative products in the last two years, we have empowered 150+ leading travel companies worldwide. We currently have 70 employees across the globe, with plans to continue expanding.

At the forefront of travel technology development, our solutions perform across the entire distribution chain to support travel product suppliers, distributors and meta searches. IDS’s success is reflected in its rapid growth and commercial contracts with major travel industry players including: Expedia, GTA, LBF Travel, Priceline Group (Travalocity), Next Trip, Monaker Group, and many more.


We seek out and discover the best people across the tech industry to join our team. There are two types of hires at IDS. The ones that don’t check all the boxes, but bring with them a dynamic skill set and rich natural talent that provides immense value while showing the potential for growth. Then there are the experts, hires who check all the boxes, have mastered their skills, and are capable and prepared to tackle familiar and new challenges.


An integral part of our creative approach across departments is to tackle both simple and complex projects with our in-house talent. A main force is our full service design and in-house production team. We develop and produce live action and animated videos as well as all visual design right here at IDS. This gives us breakthrough creative authority over our brand and plays an instrumental role in how we present our business to the industry. IDS productions has become key player in our innovation company-wide.

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